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Were you searching for Corruptus' counterparts: Photo-Negative Mickey, The Face, Suicide Mouse, Willy, MickMick, or True Mickey, or perhaps his Abandoned: Discovery Island counterpart?


He is similar to the original version of Corruptus, but with numerous tears and rips of different sizes. His earholes are different compared to the original version and he has a more smooth look with no "possessed" eyes. Additionally, he has green spots and a white, sometimes tan-colored spot.


Night 6

Corruptus starts in the Broadcasting Room at 2 AM during Night 6. He will then begin to move to the office. To stop him, the player must simply press a button to turn the TVs off. The static will blip for a moment but then correct itself. If Corruptus is in the office, he will kill the player after a few seconds.

Classic Corruptus DLC

Corruptus acts exactly the same as he did in Abandoned: Discovery Island, albeit with a few differences. The player will be unable to turn the power off at all, and Daisy will occasionally peek out from behind the desk. Additionally, when Corruptus is at a camera, it will not be glitched and he only will move to a nearby room (except CAM 11).


  • A teaser for him was released with minor differences from his final model, specifically his smoothness. He is a lot less smooth in that image.
  • Corruptus's jumpscare is one of two motion-blurred animations in the game, the other being True Mickey.
  • Corruptus has a strong connection to Photo-Negative Mickey, and, to a lesser extent, True Mickey. The reason why is unknown.
  • Corruptus's voice is planned for a future update.

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