Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found 2.0  was a remake and recode of Abandoned: Discovery Island, using better graphics, better sounds, new gameplay mechanics, easier controls, and of course, and a completely new storyline. On June 7, 2016, the game was canceled due to loss of motivation.


An unfinished demo with the camera only of FNATI:F shows that gameplay is similar to the original game. Through a Skype conversation, an outdoor mechanic was confirmed.

Changes since Abandoned: Discovery Island

The big changes were planned to include:

  • Original name is used
  • New mechanics
  • New characters
  • Removed Undertale.
  • New cameras have been confirmed.
  • Once a cam was off, it stayed off for the whole night.
  • Lots more


  • FNaTI: Found 2.0 was to include fanmade characters from the RP wiki.