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Ink-blots are alternate version of toons, referred to in older versions as the Shades. They only appear when the power is out. Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Suicide Mouse, The Face, and Photo-Negative Minnie are the only suits that have ink-blot counterparts at the moment. Most of them are were based on creepypastas. Abandoned: Discovery Island and pre-0.8.0 Revision 1 ink-blots are still referred to as shades as it was only recently revealed that the Ink-blots from Nightmare Before Disney are the same as the Shade toons.

Photo-Negative Mickey's Shade


He will sometimes appear peeking at the right door of your office. To get rid of him, you need to press space while using your flashlight to flash your flashlight brighter. It will cause him to immediately leave. He can also appear on the menu. He is based on himself, because he is already a creepypasta character.

Oswald's Shade


He will appear at the left side of your office. You need to hide under the desk in order to get rid of him, and you will live no matter what like Acephalous. He is based on Creepypasta Bunny Man.

Suicide Mouse's Shade

Suicide Mouse Shade Teaser

He will sometimes appear on your monitor on the desk. You'll also be able to hear static like noise when he is in. You need to click on the monitor while he appears to get rid of him. He is based on Creepypasta game Happy Mouse

The Face's Shade

This is face!

While he appears you need to quickly hide under the desk. He is probably based on nothing.

Photo-Negative Minnie's Shade

Shade minnie promo

She will appear peeking from the left door. Shining the light brighter will get rid of her. Unlike other characters, where hiding has either a 50% or 100% chance of leaving when hiding, hiding will not work on her. She is based on creepypasta Jeff the Killer

Acephalous's Shade

Unlike the other shades, Acephalous is known to be one of the suits to not have a shade form. Once the power is off, he is known to be still active, and will normally enter the office and appear in front of the desk, alerting the player to hide before Acephalous can jumpscare the Player.

Willy's shade


Willy will appear in front of the office desk. To ward him off, the player must hide under the desk like most other shades. He is not based on anything. He was removed because in the final version because he requires the cameras to become active.