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"'I'm sorry we still have to get our equipment ready"
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Game over

Jumpscares are an event and gameplay mechanic that happens when a Suit gets to The Office and the player does not disable a camera, hide, or is otherwise too slow, following a jump scare, sending the player the game over screen and sending them back to the title screen. 17 deaths are possible, these being deaths by True Mickey, Photo-Negative Mickey, Jeff The Killer, Past Mickey, Classic Oswald, Acephalous's body, Photo-Negative Minnie, Suicide Mouse, The Face, Willy, Undying, MickMick, Slester, Corruptus, and Oswald. The only suits that won't attack the player or have a death screen, yet still give them a major disadvantage are Disembodied, Acephalous's head, Pluto, Purity and Daisy Duck. Most of the attacks here are essentially the characters screaming at or grabbing the player. The game over screen from above shows the main antagonist Photo-Negative Mickey having already taken off his head, which leaks out chunky yellow blood from the hole. It is actually unknown what exactly is going to occur to the player's character once he is caught, based on what the screen shows us.

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