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Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, Red, White
Starting Location: Anywhere.
First appearance: Night 1


MickMick is one of the antagonists in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.

MickMick was added to Five Nights at Treasure Island Found: Revision 1, he was not present in the previous version of the game, however was going to be added in A:DI 1.1.


MickMick's appearance resembles a normal Mickey Mouse costume, unlike Photo-Negative Mickey, his colors aren't inverted. MickMick's head has 2 large eye holes with two human eyes within them.

Like The Face, MickMick has the original Mickey Mouse's color scheme, except as a full body.


MickMick starts on Night 1 outside the building. He can either enter the Pirate Caverns Entrance or The Roof. When he's in The Office, shine the flashlight in his face to get him out. If the player delays to do so or doesn't at all, MickMick will slap the player so hard that he breaks his neck, ending the game.



  • MickMick has original Mickey Mouse colors.
  • It was confirmed by FateForWindows that MickMick and The Face were two different suits in the new update, as some thought they were the same due to his original color scheme, and including human eyes, however, in the 1.1 of Abandoned: Discovery Island, MickMick and The Face were the same suits.
  • Some think that MickMick, is actually True Mickey, just with his colors inverted.
  • MickMick was originally planned in PuritySin's Remastered 3.0, as Willy was a placeholder.
  • According to the Creator, FateForWindows, MickMick was to be present in Abandoned:Discovery Island 1.1 before it got cancelled.
  • Note that MickMick's jumpcare is almost identical to SpongeBob's jumpscare in Five nights at the chum bucket.