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Night 4 is one of the nights in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found , which unlike Night 3, this Night will not End at 3AM, Night 3 was the only night to end at 3AM. This night drastically increases the difficulty as most of the characters become active at this point. Acephalous Ballora and Suicide Mouse are much more active this night as well as all the previous suits. Purity becomes a threat this point on and may continuesly enter the Office in a short period of time. Photo-Negative Minnie and Willy are also active this night, as well as Daisy Duck sometimes. The player should also be cautious about Oswald as if not watch carefully he can easily catch the player off guard. The player must also constantly check Meat Freezer to slow down Undying's movement, as when it enter the Office, the player have no option but turn off the power. Purity is calling you on this night.

Phone Call

*Quacks and Interferences* You took it... *Old Style Music* We want it back...(Loud) back...(Echo) *Quacks and Inferences* Hello Hello it's me Bill Gates Creator on Microsoft Help me Help me
— Purity

Active Suits

The only active suits and Humanoids on this Night as of the currently update are Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Disembodied, Acephalous, Suicide Mouse, Photo-Negative Minnie, Pluto, Purity, The Face, Undying, Willy, Oswald and Daisy Duck (and Acephalous's Head if Purity's spawning ability is counted).