Wiki Rules

  • Dont harass any other users.
  • Dont post any harmful or mean comments.
  • Do not post duplicate images.
  • Do not add images which have nothing to do what the wiki is of (e.g. profile banners). Fanart belongs in the RP wiki.
    • Fanart belongs in the RP wiki.
    • You CAN post images in forum posts IF:
    1. The image is not uploaded to the wiki directly.
    2. The image is uploaded to an external image source and is linked
  • Don't troll users or vandilize pages.
  • Don't ask Questions to FateForWindows about next updates to FNATI, as he makes the descions to the game.
  • Do not interfere with threads (e.g warning threads) or threads that have nothing to do with you.
  • Don't add unnecessary pages.
  • Do not minimod.

Chat Rules

  • Don't spam. Spam is not appreciated.
  • Don't threaten other users.
  • Don't mention Suicide (Unless you are talking about Suicide Mouse) or any related memes (e.g. An Hero).
  • Roleplaying (RPing) IS allowed.
  • Respect the staff.
  • Don't advertise other Wiki chats.
  • As usual, don't minimod.

RP (Roleplay) rules

  • No gorey RPs.
  • No godmod (cheating death, pretending to take control of other users).
  • No sexual based RPs. This will result in a ban from the chat.
  • No puppeteering.

Chat Mod rules

  • Do not power abuse
  • Respect the users
  • Give a warning before giving a kick

Admin Rules

  • Don't abuse power.
  • Don't block for no reason.
  • Don't kick users from the chat for no reason.
  • Don't keep protecting pages unless FateForWindows says so.

Moderator Rules

  • Only delete unneccesary blog or forum pages.


  • Once a total of 3 warnings are given, a user will receive a block. They will no longer get warnings from that point on and will be blocked instead.
    • Most first blocks are 3 days.
    • Blocks will get longer blocks each time they would get a warning.
      • Second blocks are normally 1 week.
      • Third blocks are normally 1 month.
      • Each next block will be 1 month longer, until when the user would get a 3th-month block. The next block will be indefinite.